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Who’s ready for a complete bathroom remodeling project in the Kansas City area?

Are you finding yourself looking closely at your 30-year-old bathroom, wondering if it’s time for a full makeover?

Or perhaps you’re eyeing that bathtub that seems to be collecting more dust than memories, and thinking, “What if we took it out and had a luxurious, spacious shower built?”

Enter CB Restoration

CB Restoration has the ultimate solution for all your bathroom renovation needs in the Kansas City Metro area.

This isn’t your average remodeling company, they are your to-to one-stop shop for everything you would need to give your master or guest bathroom a major overhaul or a mild makeover.

From the beginning stages of planning and material selection, to the day they hand over the keys back to you, they’ve got you covered, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Bathroom Remodeling Project

What Would You Change In Your Master Bathroom With A Remodel?

Bathroom Remodeling Vanity

Alright, let’s talk bathrooms, shall we? You wake up in the morning, stumble into your bathroom, and bam! It hits you – the realization that it’s time for a serious upgrade.

Sure, the old setup has served its purpose, but wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a space that’s as functional as it is fabulous?

Enter the idea of his and her vanity spaces

Because, let’s be real, sharing a sink with your partner’s array of skincare products can feel like navigating a minefield.

With separate vanities, you can finally reclaim your side of the bathroom counter and say goodbye to the perpetual battle for mirror space.

Plus, it’s a chance to inject some personality into your space – think sleek and minimalist for him, and a splash of glamour for you. It’s like a modern-day version of the Odd Couple, but with less bickering and more fabulousness.

Now, onto the shower situation

Who knew that a little extra space could make such a big difference? A bigger shower means more room to stretch out and enjoy those morning sing-alongs without feeling like you’re auditioning for a Broadway show.

Add in some fancy fixtures and a rainfall showerhead, and suddenly, you’re living your best spa feel life. And let’s not forget about the soaker tub.

Who wouldn’t want a luxurious tub to soak away the day’s stresses? It’s like having your own private retreat, complete with bubbles and a glass of wine.

And last but not least, radiant heat floors. Because nothing says luxury like stepping out of the shower onto toasty warm tiles.

Don’t Let Your Dated Guest Bathroom Stop You From Having Visitors

For homeowners with a guest bathroom that’s seen better days, a remodel can be a game-changer, especially if the house is over 25 years old.

You’ve got friends or family coming to stay, and instead of feeling excited about their visit, you find yourself cringing at the thought of them seeing your dated and dingy tub or tiles.

It’s like trying to host a dinner party with a stain on your favorite tablecloth – you just can’t shake that feeling of embarrassment.

That’s where a guest bathroom renovation comes in. By removing that tired old tub and replacing it with a sleek, modern shower, you’re not just upgrading your space; you’re also giving yourself the confidence to welcome guests with open arms.

But the benefits don’t stop there

A guest bathroom or a half bathroom remodel is about more than just aesthetics – it’s about creating a welcoming environment that your guests will truly appreciate.

Imagine their surprise and delight when they step into your freshly renovated bathroom, complete with sparkling fixtures, stylish tiles, and a spacious shower that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day of travel.

Suddenly, hosting friends and family becomes a joy rather than a source of stress, as you proudly show off your newly transformed space.

Bathroom Remodeling Shower

So, whether it’s for the sake of hospitality or simply reclaiming a sense of pride in your home, a guest bathroom remodeling project is sure to be a decision you won’t regret.

Customer Reviews

Corey and his crew are awesome. They are helping us finish out the basement. I love having contractors that I trust enough to use regularly for projects through the years and Corey is just that. Definitely Recommend!!

Adrienne Meghin,

Cory rebuilt our dock. What looked like a simple job became very complicated. He had to get his boat to get underneath and totally rebuild our dock from the pilings. He was amazing. His communication and dedication to doing the job right is rarely seen these days. We highly recommend his company!

Terry Annie Harrison,

What’s better than great communication and speedy work??? Not much! Very competitive bid for my houses new stairs off my deck and the wife and myself couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for helping us get one step closer to completing our home!

Taylor Jason Knutzen,

Cory and his crew communicated throughout the project and were onsite and on time when they scheduled. The Sheetrock, mud and tape look great and I would recommend this local contractor.

Steven Riley,

I previously had an exterior door and screen door installed. The 1st company didn’t do so well! Hired a handy man to fix the 1st companies mess up. Needless to say, that didn’t work out. CB Restoration came in understanding my frustrations. They gave me a quote that was responsible, added me into their already busy schedule, and completed the job in a timely matter with quality work! Thank you for your patience and treating my home as if it was yours!!!

Christina Hazlett,

Corey did an amazing job at our house! Highly recommend. He is very detailed and doesn’t rush. Makes sure things are done right.

Jennifer Hedrik Dishong,